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3 Window Security Features You Need To Protect Your Home

Victorian Sash WindowAre you in two minds about whether upgrading your windows is worth the investment?

Maybe this statistic can give you a push in the right direction – according to Police Crime Prevention Advice, homes with little to no security features are up to five times more likely to be targeted by criminals – and unsafe windows and doors are the number one access points that criminals use to break into our homes.
Fortunately, there are several upgrades that can be applied to your windows to protect your loved ones and valuable possessions.
We’ll take you through the window security features and upgrades you need to ensure your home is fully protected.

Double Glazing

In many cases, people opt for double glazed windows simply for the improved appearance, but upgrading from single to double glazed windows brings the added benefit of better security. Homes with single glazed windows are at the highest risk, as the windows provide many points of weakness, becoming an easy target for burglars.
With one pane of glass within a frame, old single glazed windows can be easily broken and shattered. The type of glass used is typically brittle compared to safety glass; this old style glass can give intruders instant access to your home.

Another point of weakness for outdated windows is the frames. Frames made from wood can deteriorate over time without regular maintenance. Rotting or broken frames can allow burglars to forcibly open windows without much effort. Old and ineffective locking mechanisms are another characteristic of single glazed windows providing little protection against intruders.
Today, most double glazed window units are designed with in-built security features and technology, ask your supplier about products which adhere to the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme, or have been certified by the British Standard Institute. Windows which have been accredited by these schemes have been manufactured to provide the utmost protection against criminal activity and to give you peace of mind. Accredited windows include features such as:

  • Tight seals so the glass is secured to the frame.
  • The use of resilient welded uPVC means frames are hard to break or pry open.
  • Smart design so that it is impossible for the glass to be removed from the outside.
  • An excluder device to resist jemmying and forcing.

By upgrading from single to double glazed windows you can significantly reduce the risk of burglary and theft.

Toughened and Laminated Glass

When it comes to your family and possessions you can never be too protected, selecting glass panes that have been specially treated to improve how effective they are at preventing break-ins is a worthwhile way to safeguard your property.
There are two types of safety glass available for homes, toughened glass and laminated glass – both greatly reduce the likelihood of a break-in, however, the manufacturing methods create different benefits:

Toughened Glass

Glass that has been toughened is durable and extremely resilient against force – up to five times stronger than regular glass. The ability to withstand increased levels of shock is the result of heating regular glass up to immense temperatures (620°C) and rapidly cooling the material. Although the glass is not immune to breakage, the material is extremely robust and unlikely to be easily breached. Toughened glass can act as a great deterrent during an attempted break-in as the force needed to penetrate the glass will likely bring unwanted attention to a burglar and alert neighbours.

Laminated Glass

Whilst having the same strength as regular glass, laminated glass provides protection by sandwiching a sheet of durable plastic between two panes. Laminated glass is intelligently designed to reduce intruder opportunities by making it hard to make a hole when the pane is attacked. Once broken, the interlayer plastic will hold all broken shards together; this prevents intruders from being able to simply climb in through a broken window.
The price for toughened and laminated glass is higher than regular glass, however, both types of safety glass are extremely effective for security and can make the difference between an attempted break-in and an actual burglary.

Window Locks & Restrictors

A good lock can make or break a window in terms of security; there are multiple different locks and bolts which can be used for added safety and security.

  • Multi-Point Locks – multi-point locks work by bolting the window in the frame and securing the window at different points, a method that is very effective against forced entry.
  • Shoot Bolts – shoot bolts are typically made of steel, they are added to the top and bottom of your window securing it into place.
  • Hinge Restrictors – hinge restrictors reduce how far your window is able to open, this prevents intruders from taking advantage of wide opening windows.
  • Push Button Handles – push-button handles operate using a latch mechanism, locking your window when pushed, many push handles are available with keys for added security.

Although your windows may not look like they need replacing or upgrading, older windows which lack up to date security features can compromise the safety of your family and home. Unfortunately, burglars have made it their job to spot and exploit weaknesses at the entry points to properties. The recommendations within this article can help discourage as well as protect your home and possessions against a break-in. Many window suppliers and installers will provide an evaluation of your windows and consult you on window security features that fit within the style of your home and provide the utmost protection.

To find solutions that best suit your needs, contact us. Bennbrook Windows are one of the largest UK regional suppliers of windows, doors & conservatories. You can count on us for top quality products, speedy installation and excellent aftercare for long lasting and effective results. Call for a quote on 01992 574 555.






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