You can individually design and choose uPVC, composite front doors, back doors and frames, patio doors and bi-folding doors. Our doors can help you to make a beautiful and secure home.

uPVC Doors

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You’ll be spoilt for choice by our range of uPVC doors because they are so adaptable and easy to design as well as being attractive and hard-wearing. You’ll enjoy the highest standards of style, durability and security.  And you’ll be free of worries about weathering and warping.

The wide selection of full doors panelled and half-glazed doors, stable doors, bi-fold doors, French doors and patio doors means you can create a bespoke look from a large palette of colours, glazing and decorative options which will enhance any property with style.

Our products don’t just look good – front doors and back doors are manufactured using the latest CNC digital machining technology to the most rigorous BSI technical standards for durability, function, weathering resistance, re-enforcement, security and low maintenance. They are solidly built to last for years and years, with little maintenance required. That’s why they come with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Your choice begins with the standard single door, which can be designed with full, half or sectional single glazing and double glazing plus a large variety of attractive decorative panels. They can be right handed or left handed. The extensive range on offer also includes high-quality patio and bi-fold doors to bring an extra touch of stylish, open plan living to your home. The design can also be adapted to create a traditional stable door installation.

You can select from Composite doors, too, mixing a GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) skin with other materials to create an attractive traditional timber appearance – such as rosewood, light oak or mahogany – with many specialised coloured finishes to add on for more decorative effect.

Wide Colour Range

Your designer can also help you choose by showing you a swatch of our further range of foiled finishes which come from the Artisan Woodgrain Collection which are available on standard doors and French doors and include attractive shades such as Irish Oak, Chartwell Green, Deep Red and Antique Oak. Alternate foiling such as stylish dark green on cream or simple, contemporary anthracite or slate grey are also available. The choice is so wide, so you can get exactly the look you desire for your special home.

The selection of panelling and glass arrangements is so varied and detailed that you are sure to be able to create the attractive and decorative look of your dreams for both right handed and left-handed doors. Raised panelling can add a striking extra touch alongside the smart selection of letterplates, numerals, knockers and handles we offer for front doors.

Glazing Choice

You also have a wide choice when it comes to glazing of clear or obscure backing glass, all from the high-class, range made by Pilkington. Some can also be made with attractive coloured films. Our extensive range of hand-crafted leading and etched patterns add a wonderful decorative appearance and you can tailor them to your own desires by selecting from a range which includes Clear, Obscure, Traditional Etch, Squared Lead, Diamond, Retro, Prairie, Gibson and Linear. It’s the ideal way to set off more attractive features against the stylish look of the door panels.

When it comes to the finishing touch, the varied styles of handles, knockers, letterplates and levers are from the highly-regarded Fab and Fix colour range, which includes attractive sheens of gold, chrome, satin black and white.

Security Built In

For improved security, strength and stability, all the panels are built with a 9mm MDF solid core as standard to meet the rigorous tests of the British Standards Institution, and this can upgrade to include a 24mm core. Both the patio and bi-fold doors are steel re-enforced within the outer frames while welded and bolted corner joints enhanced toughness and protection against wear and tear.

The level of security measures available is always being advanced by new scientific and technological developments. So, all our front and back doors are fortified with rollers cams, shoot bolts and dead-bolts for extra peace of mind. Most come with a Yale multi-locking system and further upgrades are available to meet the Police ‘Secure by Design’ initiative standard PAS23/24.

Thermal Efficiency Saving Energy and Bills

Its lovely to enjoy patio and bi-fold doors in the golden days of summer. But the cruel winter weather always comes around.

We build our uPVC doors with a square-edge profile which gives a superior seal against draughts and the wind, rain and cold. For example, our 4-2-2 door in cream is tested to BS6375-1:2009 (Performance of Windows and Doors) standards.

In technological terms, heat retention and loss through the materials of your patio doors and bi-fold doors is measured by u-vales. The lower the better. Some of our products achieve a stunning score as low as 1.4 w/m2k – and none are higher than an impressive 1.6w/m2k. That’s your scientific guarantee that you’ll stay warm and cosy and save hundreds of pounds on heating bills.

Cool in summer, warm in winter, our doors exceed all the minimum requirements of extreme weather testing. They also meet the British standard minimum requirements for construction, security, safety, weather-tightness and strength of performance.

Composite Doors

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You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds if you choose from our wide range of composite doors. They are so versatile they can be designed to suit any style from handsomely traditional to smartly contemporary. And, although they capture the classic looks of timber, they are made of high-specification Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) so you won’t have any worries about warping, cracking, splitting or peeling.

They are exactly what we say they are – strong, secure, bespoke UK composite doors available from our Harlow, Essex showroom and specified precisely by you, with the help of our friendly and experienced experts.

From our brochure or showroom you can select from a vast choice of contemporary and traditional door styles and a large range of custom-built installations and features to create a front or back door unique to your dream home. The brochure has over 2000 permutations of style, colour, glass, furniture and ancillary items to make your bespoke door. You can also rest assured of the highest levels of security, weather-proofing and colour preservation to protect and enhance the value of your property.

Select a door style, the external colour and an outer frame finish. Then decide on the glazing or double-glazing effect you wish for.  Finally, add your smart and unique decorative touches. Then our fast and skilled Essex door installation team will deliver and fit it quickly and cleanly.

Composite Door Styles

You have the choice of a wide range of styles, colours, finishes glazing and fixtures which means you can personally design your door to match the appearance you desire for your dream home.

Whatever the impression and character you’re seeking to achieve, our huge range of glazing, leading and etching patterns will capture the look exquisitely.

The traditional choices we offer you include our Monet, Cezanne and Da Vinci ranges along with many more. For the more current designer taste, the contemporary choices feature striking and geometrically impactful options such as Mondrian and Goya, with fresh, new modern glazing from Clear to Satin Lines and Panache.

Standard and Custom Colours

A varied selection of standard colours is available, but you can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your door by choosing from our heritage range of finishes too.

The Heritage range offers you a touch of class with sumptuously appealing shades such as attractive Chartwell Green, deep Wine Red, or the ultra- modern Slate Grey and Anthracite Grey.

Each glass panel is hand-crafted with coloured bevels to complement each door. And the selection of designs is so wide-ranging you can create a perfect individual appearance. These include Clear, Obscure, Squared Lead, Traditional Etch, Diamond, Retro, Prairie, Gibson and Linear which perfectly match and enhance the stylish aspect of the door panels.

Decorative Door Furniture

Our appealing and elegant range of handles, numerals, letterplates and fixtures are manufactured to the latest ergonomic designs to ensure good looks, durability and excellent performance. Once again, a vast choice is available to match and complement the style and finish of your door and its glazing features. They are crafted from 304 stainless steel which gives them superb resistance to corrosion and discolouration. And they are available in a selection of attractive colours including white, black, brushed stainless, gold and chrome.

Contemporary brushed steel bar handles – with authentic stainless-steel construction – create a particularly smart modern look for your home.

Security is Built In – not an Added Extra

Like you, we also understand that security and peace of mind is as important as style and looks.

Our composite doors are built with high security multi-point locking systems as a standard feature. These locks fulfil the requirements of the PAS 23/24 standard and are tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 quality assurance demands.

You can also be assured by the fact that we also fit our specially-designed and exclusively manufactured triple dog bolt system as standard, too. Two sets of triple hinge bolts secure the door to the frame, adding extra protection against intruders.

We fit the Winkhaus AV2 multipoint auto lock system to all our doors. Two solid high-tensile steel hooks and a central latch are engaged every time the door is closed. It offers a truly high level of security.

Easy Maintenance

After testing by the BSI, these UPVC doors proved to be so easy to maintain and care for that they were given a 35-year life expectancy. These doors are low-maintenance – simply wipe down with a cloth and soapy water to clean – highly secure, fire resistant and sealed against smoke.

Ten Year Guarantee with our Composite Doors

Each one comes with a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturers, Truedor – who use the latest digital CNC technology and machining to ensure they get your look just right. This gives you extra assurance above and beyond the personal service and high professional standards which have made our name as leading suppliers of composite doors and glazing in Essex.

Patio and Bi-Fold Doors

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Let there be light…and space …and style… and comfort. That’s what you’ll get when you choose from our superb selection of high-performance uPVC patio doors and bi-fold doors.

You’ll enjoy the best of modern living and give your home the smart, open, contemporary designer look of your dreams while luxuriating in the good life benefits of allowing air, ventilation and light to flood indoors. Bringing the scenic attractions of your garden, patio or decking inside as well as having simple easy access to the great outdoors.

It’s an easy and adaptable way to enhance your lifestyle, too, because our patio doors and bi-fold doors are suitable for homes, extensions, conservatories and orangeries. With frames and openings as wide as six metres, you’ll create a fabulous ambience indoors and outdoors at those lovely summer barbecues, gatherings and garden parties and when you choose to dine alfresco.

And when the harsh British winter rolls around, you’ll be warm and snug inside your home. Our patio doors and bi-fold doors are among the most thermally efficient available retaining heat despite their smart, slim looks. So, you’ll make huge savings on heating bills at the same time as enriching the value of your home.

Wide Colour Choice

The latest manufacturing technology means they are now available in any RAL colour. At the same time, the up-to-the-minute CNC computer design and construction and engineering facilities used by our suppliers mean our doors are attractively slimmer and more streamlined – while ensuring strength, versatility, durability, weather-proofing and ease of operation and maintenance.

Professionalism, Service, After-Care

It’s why we are proud to say our bespoke new folding and sliding doors are superior to any other similar uPVC products you’ll find available today. And that our stringent standards of personal, family service and professional installation and after-care will bring an extra panoramic dimension to your life at home while offering good value, quality assurance and a five-year guarantee to your designer home project.

Stylish Lines and Views

Those slim, unobtrusive, British-built new frames mean you can relish enjoying a more enhanced view of your garden or patio because we’ve uncluttered the sightlines to an extra high level. It’s like having a stylish extra room with up to 90 per cent open space when the doors are fully retracted. But it’s so much more. It means style, grace and an opulent, smart look perfect for the modern good life.

These are the small but highly-detailed finishing touches which make these patio doors and bi-fold doors so attractive. You also have the option of mounting a flush-fitting, low threshold below the doors which complete the smooth, clean-lined look.

Easy Installation and High Performance

The latest technology means the doors are easier for our qualified installers to fit as well. Each has a built-in four-rail aluminium roller track to ensure that it glides, open or closed, smoothly, noiselessly and effortlessly.

They are fitted with a unique, d-shaped interior handle which allows the doors to fold back further and flatter – so they look smarter and more attractive when they are opened to let in the light and fresh air.

There is even a special “anti-mishandling” feature which will ensure that your floors will not be damaged by the doors’ shoot-bolts – while protecting and preserving the bolts, which are the main feature most often requiring repair on folding doors.

You can also choose more flush-fitting, lower frames for external doors which also allow access features such as part m compliant double ramp thresholds for ease of disabled and pushchair movement. Similar thresholds can be featured on internal folding doors to allow seamless movement from room-to-room.

Increased Security Features

Security is just as important to ensure you’ll enjoy your stylish new life with improved peace of mind.

Our doors are constructed with enhanced security features, which mean we have the high-level approval of the high-level industry standard pas 23/24 security certification. The set-up also includes a stainless-steel anti-jemmy pin design which makes it impossible for intruders to remove the doors from outside.