PVCu, Timber, Aluminium and Victorian Sash Windows

You will be assured of stylish looks and high quality, low-maintenance materials when you choose Bennbrook Windows UPVC double glazing

PVCu Windows

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Our U70 UPVC Windows range is manufactured to the most rigorous British Standards Institution Testing requirements. Many of our products are made close to us including our UPVC windows here in Essex. So, like all good neighbours, we know each other’s business inside out and work together as a team from design through production to installation.

That is your assurance that these superbly-crafted, high-performance double glazing products will help fulfil your desire for a beautiful home.

You can select from four main colours to upgrade the look of your home and to enhance and highlight its architectural style and attractiveness. A further range of 12 foiled colours will create a classy, timber and wood-grained effect while giving you all the hard-wearing benefits of a fitted UPVC installation.

It will assure you of a beautiful, long-lasting appearance which will enrich the value of your home or property. And it gives you a simple, quick cleaning routine.

You can also choose a white wood-grain effect or a black on white wood-grain finish – for both indoor and outdoor UPVC windows and double glazing detail. And you can match and adapt these to achieve a traditional leaded windows appearance with a polished and elegant look indoors.

All U70 glazed products meet the BSI's highest standards for security and energy saving, too, under one comprehensive accreditation.

And U70 is a certificated member of the police Secured by Design scheme - which is the ``official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of designing out crime with physical security.``

Victorian Sash Windows

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You understand that there is a special charm and character which makes you so proud of your period home. We understand too.  And we’ll help you capture and preserve that desirable and traditional Victorian sliders look with our UPVC vertical sliding sash windows.

At Bennbrook Windows, we live and work in the area.  So we appreciate the unique style of these handsome and attractive homes. We take pride in the knowledge and craftsmanship we use to enhance the unique character of these homes throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and North and East London

Yet you’ll also enjoy the latest security and heat-saving benefits of using the very latest high-quality modern technology and materials to keep the bills down. The stylish and elegant proportions of traditional wood sash windows are matched seamlessly with the advantages of unfussy installation, quick, easy cleaning and simple maintenance. It’s the perfect match of old and new which will enrich the character and value of your home.

We offer upper and lower tilting sash windows for easy cleaning. Their energy efficient glass will reduce heating costs and save your money. They also feature low-line beads or gaskets for the best sight lines. All of this is quality assured for your peace of mind because your new vertical sliding Victorian sash windows are guaranteed for 10 years.

Timber Windows

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There is an appealing touch of class and style about timber windows and frames. You can select from a wide range of our timber windows to suit all kinds of traditional homes and more contemporary properties at Bennbrook Windows.  You can choose double glazing or single glazing, too. Modern treatments and expert installation mean you’ll have no worries about warping or rattling. And the products are sustainable and energy efficient, too, to keep down heating bills.  It’s a pleasing match of grace, flair and up-to-the minute glazing design.

Aluminium Windows

Light. Smart. Stylish. Versatile. You’ll get all these attractive and modern benefits if you choose aluminium windows and frames. Their slim and stream-lined look can give your home an appealing touch of contemporary or boutique style.  You’ll make big savings on bills, too, because they are highly energy efficient and conserve heat in winter and keep things cool in summer. Our aluminium windows installation is quick, simple and clean as well.