PVCu, Timber, Aluminium and Victorian Sash Windows

You will be assured of stylish looks and high quality, low-maintenance materials when you choose Bennbrook Windows UPVc, Timber or Aluminium double glazing

PVCu Windows

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You know just the look and the effect you desire for your home when you install attractive new UPVC windows. It’s the vision of modern style in your mind.

Our skilled craftsmen and women are the experts who deliver the detailed, technical knowledge of our windows and the vast manufacturing and installation experience which will make your dream in to reality. It’s the application of their skills and knowledge and the precision-made design, security and energy saving quality of our double glazed and triple glazed window range which combine to assure you that Bennbrook achieve your wishes to the highest, most specialised, adaptable and professional specifications.

Choose your colour

Our windows come with attractive, blended composition surfaces and finishes in a huge, expanded selection of traditional and contemporary styles, colours and foiled woodgrain effects.

There aren’t just in four standard colours. You can enhance the look and aspect of your windows by choosing from no fewer than 12 “foiled” selections – which replicate in close detail the grain and texture of wood.

Locally Made in Essex

All the window frames are manufactured by U70, one of the leading suppliers of fabricated windows and doors in the South East who have built a lasting reputation for excellence at their hi-tech Essex factory HQ.

uPVC (un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride) is favoured for making window frames because it is hard and resistant and offers a huge range of value-for-money advantages including durability, strength, rigidity, flexibility and inexpensive low-maintenance.

The material is so versatile that these U70 frames can be purpose-built to match virtually any size, shape or configuration of frames – with the manufacturing carried out using the latest computerised machine tools (CNCs). This ensures that the windows are calibrated precisely to match the detailed surveying and measurement requirements of the design. And our highly-trained teams of installation experts can assure you of a perfect fit.

Ease of Maintenance

Todays windows are made to withstand the ravages of British weather so there is no discolouration and their appearance remains fresh and attractive for decades. All it needs to clean them is a damp cloth.

It’s also valuable for your peace of mind to know that the material does not rust, peel, crack, warp or rot and with simple maintenance and cleaning there is never any need for re-painting.

Your assurance of their quality, integrity and the up-to-the minute specifications comes from the fact that the U70 range of windows have passed the most rigorous inspections and tests carried out by The British Standards Institution (BSI).

The range of glass designs and patterns is extensive and decorative too. But it is just as important these days to conserve heat and energy. As well as helping the environment, that means huge savings on your bills.

Money-Saving Energy Efficiency

All U70 frames and glazing are made not only to meet the BSI’s energy rating criteria – but in some cases to beat them. Their insulation and money-saving capabilities are boosted by a wide range of seals and brush or strip draught excluders. Fire and smoke seals are available, too.

The energy efficiency system grades windows on a scale from G to the highest A rating for their energy-saving capabilities. Current regulations require only a C-grade pass. U70 windows can secure higher ratings, although A grades are only available in white finishes. All of the coloured frames win B grades. Even windows fitted with leadwork or Georgian or Astragal bars can be energy rated.

Window Security Features

Your security will be assured by the range of high-tech locks, push-button opening mechanisms, hinges and hinge restrictors which embellish our windows. All of windows are made with multi-point locking systems featuring adjustable, opposing cams and sliding bolts which will resist attempts at forced entry and access for thieves from either side of the frame. They are finished with an attractive range of soft grip key-locking handles which are both smart and secure.

Extra security features can also be installed to meet the official police Secured by Design initiative’s re-assuring BS7950 certification. These include hinge restrictors, extra secure hinges, jammers and extra bolting systems.

All U70 glazed products meet the BSI's highest standards for security and energy saving, too, under one comprehensive accreditation.

And U70 is a certificated member of the police Secured by Design scheme - which is the ``official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of designing out crime with physical security.``

Victorian Sash Windows

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It’s the sense of proportion which make Victorian vertical sliding sash windows so beautiful. You’ll appreciate the ingenious matching of traditional elegance with up-to-the minute technology and innovation which make our uPVC vertical sliding sash windows so attractive and practical.

Period Style with Modern Materials

The classic looks of these sash windows offer the character and charm you desire. Along with this, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of durability, security, low maintenance and ease-of-cleaning offered by the latest, state-of-the art detail and design features.

It’s the way to enhance any older or graceful, later property while making the most of the recent advancements in the industry. And, to ensure that the look and feel of the home is embellished while avoiding the many technical and wear-and-tear issues which damage old-style timber sash frames. The stylish and elegant proportions of traditional wood sash windows are matched seamlessly with the advantages of unfussy installation, quick, easy cleaning and simple maintenance. It’s the perfect match of old and new which will enrich the character and value of your home.

These Victorian sash window frames maintain the handsome proportions of traditional sash windows, while utilising adaptable modern materials for the best, long-lasting appearance and fit. Sculptured Georgian bars help give these windows their stately appearance and you also have traditional sash horns for a further elegant touch.

Both sashes slide up and down for convenience of cleaning and ventilation. High quality balances ensure the symmetry of the windows as they move. They also tilt for even more flexibility of use and maintenance, which means they can be cleaned from inside as well as outside. Low line beads and gaskets create clear sight lines for these refined yet cleverly functional windows, too.

Colours and Finishes

The range of colours is extended from using modern, computerised fabrication and you can choose the familiar White PVC-U or select from an exquisite, wider range of options including Golden Oak, Cherrywood, Irish Oak, Cream and White.

They are finished in a choice of gloss, woodgrain or artisan woodgrain. They won’t need painting and can be cleaned and refreshed by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

Security and Performance

These Victorian sash windows deliver further, satisfying balance by matching their attractiveness with a dedication to leading edge manufacturing and invention. This means extra security and environmentally friendly heat and energy saving benefits – and an assurance that the window system itself will operate smoothly and easily. They also have fitted brush seals for extra insulation and draught proofing.

Our sash windows range is reinforced with galvanised steel to ensure strength and weather protection. This also means they can comfortably support the weight of the glass while providing a solid base for the locks, handles, latches and accompanying components, which come in white, gold, chrome and satin chrome. You can add an anti-jemmy aluminium bar for extra security and peace of mind.

The Energy Saving Trust has approved our vertical sliding sash windows and they all come with at least a C standard glazing rating, with upgrades available.

We offer upper and lower tilting sash windows for easy cleaning. Their energy efficient glass will reduce heating costs and save your money. All of this is quality assured for your peace of mind because your new vertical sliding Victorian sash windows are guaranteed for 10 years.

Timber Windows

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Timber casement windows create a hugely attractive and elegant look for both traditional and contemporary properties.

At Bennbrook, they are made and installed using materials, designs and components from the leading edge of 21st century manufacturing with inspiration and inventiveness. You can be assured that we combine the best manufacturing tradition and standards with a mission to vastly improve heat and energy savings and reduce noise pollution using up to date advanced technology. You can choose double glazing or single glazing, too. Modern treatments and expert installation mean you’ll have no worries about warping or rattling. And the products are sustainable and energy efficient, too, to keep down heating bills.  It’s a pleasing match of grace, flair and up-to-the minute glazing design.

And, to ensure that you get the best most appealing appearance, we’ll work from your own specified designs and sketches to provide a uniquely personal and bespoke service – or our own design team will visit you for a no obligation consultation at your home.

The combination of style and class with the latest scientific product advances means you can achieve the smart, traditional appearance of your dreams, match it with the original features of your home and enjoy the benefits of hard-wearing, low maintenance materials, too.

Our casement windows are all built from ethically sourced, high quality timber and high-quality insulating glazing units. The up-to-the -minute detail and innovation makes them supremely efficient and excellent, long-lasting value. And they start from attractive prices as low as . . . . .

Traditional Style with Thermal Efficiency

On the widely recognised scale of U Values, for thermal efficiency, these frames and windows score the top ranking of 1 – meaning huge savings on energy use and costly heating bills. They are manufactured using high specification computerised machine tools (CNCs) which can mean a wait of eight-twelve weeks for delivery but ensures a perfect, precise fit every time – and ease of quick installation by our expert teams.

For your first choice of glass, you can select Planitherm® Total+ (A Rated, Low-E Glass). Or there is the opportunity to install security glass, obscure Glass or opt for soundproofing options (36-40dB). If you want to know what that means to the industry experts, it means each of our Insulating Glazing Units made by the gold standard French manufacturer Saint Gobain provide A-rated top energy efficiency.

Noise Reduction

At the forefront of environmental technology, these windows have specialised noise reduction glazing fitted with micro rubber spacers in between. Advanced weather seals and acoustic, low expanding installation foams means a staggering, maximum noise reduction of 40dB on the decibel scale. That’s the same measurement of sound as a loud voice creates. So, think of the silence after someone stops yelling – and that’s the equivalent decrease in noise you will get.

Built to Last

Our timber casement windows are either hardwood or made up of three layers of knot-free timber, the materials ensure there is no warping, sticking or swelling of the frame. They can be side hung or top hung with the option of glazing bars to support adjacent glass panes. The wood also has special noise dampening qualities and is finished at the factory with a high-quality top coat to add durability and attractiveness.

That is why we can offer you a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer; because we know how meticulously and professionally these products are crafted. In fact, you can expect timber casement windows in period and non-period properties to last at least 60 years and probably much longer.

To help preserve the planet while ensuring plentiful, ethical sources of timber for future use, the frames are accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo. This is your assurance that they are made with or contain wood that comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste.

Wide Range of Colours and Finishes

You can choose from softwood with a hardwood sill or complete hardwood frames made from Meranti, Larch, Oak and Mahogany. A three-coat white finish is available, or you can select dual colours from an RAL Colour Palette Choice.

Timber window frames are treated with primers and preservatives and should require cleaning only annually. Modern paint technology means the top coat of paint should not require re-applying for at least 8-10 years after installation and in an easy, manageable five to seven-year cycle afterwards.

Security Comes as Standard

Chrome handles and locks, concealed friction hinges -and multi-point locking systems are standard. That means thieves cannot gain easy access from either side of the frame if they search for opening opportunities. And, you can upgrade to add further security benefits such as sash jammers, extra secure hinges and added bolts to meet the police Safety by Design standard BS 7950 Accreditation.

The top-level security features which will give you further peace of mind at home include multi-point locks and a seal which totally encases the frame. These also make the windows more thermally efficient to save money on energy bills and help the environment.

Aluminium Windows

Light. Smart. Stylish. Versatile. You’ll get all these attractive and modern benefits if you choose aluminium windows and frames. Their slim and stream-lined look can give your home an appealing touch of contemporary or boutique style.  You’ll make big savings on bills, too, because they are highly energy efficient and conserve heat in winter and keep things cool in summer. Our aluminium windows installation is quick, simple and clean as well.